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Such an easy thing to whip up as a snack or meal! The kala namac salt just gives it this somewhat eggy flavour, it’s crazy! I got some from Amazon💕

Add whatever you fancy in the middle! I love having it with vegan bacon😍


✨40g gram/chickpea flour

✨100ml water

✨1 tsp nutritional yeast

✨Oil for pan

✨Seasoning: Kala namac salt (aka black salt- gives it a slight eggy taste), garlic granules, smoked paprika, black pepper and turmeric

✨Fillings - for this one I used spinach, edamame beans sweetcorn, @violife_foods feta!


👉🏼Whisk up all ingredients

👉🏼Spray or add oil to pan, heat it up to a med/high heat

👉🏼Once hot, pour on mixture and allow it to cook on the one side then flip over OR if you’re a bit too scared about flipping it then skip that and just add your fillings and fold over one half to meet the other.

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