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Fluffy Vegan Pancakes

No protein powder, just your traditional golden pancakes! These can also be made GF!

For high protein: top with crushed protein bar, serve with bacon and maple syrup, add on high protein yoghurt (greek or Greek style), serve with protein shake, have a side of eggs or vegan scrambled tofu!

Serves 2 or 3!

Using oat milk (1 out of 2 servings):


✨125g self raising flour (I used GF)

✨2tbsp sugar

✨Tsp baking powder

✨150ml dairy free milk

✨Pinch of salt

✨Good sprinkle of cinnamon (optional)

+ oil for pan (I used coconut)

1️⃣Mix dry ingredients first then add in the wet ingredients, stirring it all together.

2️⃣Heat pan on high with oil, once hot, lower to medium, add on mixture in pancake shapes, flip and serve 🥰

I drizzled mine in Myvegan syrup and topped with strawberries!

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