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Might not look the finest but this is one tasty meal with no meat substitutes! Save this for when you need a quick and delicious lunch/dinner! The edamame beans make it rather high in protein but feel free to add some vegan chicken or serve with a meat alternative for an extra booost🙌🏼


✨80g frozen soy/edamame beans

✨Veggies of choice: I used sugar snap peas and green pepper

✨30g Thai green curry paste

✨10g coconut cream

✨Coconut rice (I used microwave coconut rice to make it even easier!)

✨Coconut oil for frying

👉🏼Stir fry beans and veggies for approx 5-10min, add chilli if you want to up the spice! Then, add rice, mix in curry paste and coconut cream. Allow it to all mix in and cook. Add a splash of water if necessary!

Serve with whatever you fancy!

Easy peasy!✌🏼

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