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Protein Coffee Shake☕️

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

I use decaf coffee for this! It’s super super easy to make and I’m currently having it every day!

With oat milk:

✨250ml plant milk (I use oat)

✨30g protein powder (I love MyVegan soy isolate iced latte or salted caramel)

✨1tsp decaf ground coffee (or real coffee)

✨4-6 drops of Myvegan flavour drops or sweetener alternative

✨Few ice cubes!

👉🏼Boil kettle and add tsp ground coffee to small cup/mug and dissolve with a tiny bit of hot water 👉🏼Blend all ingredients except for ice or whisk it together with an electric whisk! Then, add ice!

I use an electric whisk I got from Amazon!

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