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Big favourite for breakfast that you can make overnight!! I like using Oatibix as well as weetabix, both work!🥰

For 1 (using Weetabix and Alpro Greek yog):


✨2 Oatibix or Weetabix

✨15g Myvegan soy isolate (I like iced latte and salted caramel, both work well)

✨150g dairy free yoghurt (Alpro Greek style is best)

Optional but recommended:

✨Dark chocolate (2 squares, I used bourneville)

✨Coconut oil (approx 1/2 tsp or less)

✨Myvegan toffee flavour drops


👉🏼Crush up 2 Weetabix pieces in your dish/bowl or in my case, gin glass☺️

👉🏼Add in approx 35ml water with 5 flavour drops. Press down to make the base.

👉🏼Weigh out 150g yoghurt in a separate bowl (you can adjust this to your liking).

👉🏼Mix in 15g protein powder and some more flavour drops to the yog + a splash of water to help it mix together.

👉🏼Add on top of the base.

👉🏼Microwave two squares of chocolate and a little bit of coconut oil until melted. Then, add on top of the cheesecake.

👉🏼Cover and place in the fridge overnight!


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