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Honestly love a savoury breakfast at the moment and you can never go wrong with some scrambled tofu, add some kala namak salt for a eggy flavour too (sounds weird, tastes good I promise) 😍😍

Not including toast or oil for pan:


✨100g tofu (I use @tofoo - adjust amount to match your macros)

✨Splash of unsweetened soya milk

✨Chopped spinach (optional)



✨Nutritional yeast (approx 1 tsp)

✨Garlic granules

✨Onion powder

✨Kala namak salt (gives it a bit of an eggy taste!! I bought it from Amazon!)

✨Black pepper

👉🏼Add a bit of oil to a frying pan, crumble tofu with your hands, place into pan and add in seasoning (I like to use about a measured pinch of each or so but adjust to your own taste!) then nutritional yeast!

👉🏼Cook and stir, add in milk to make your desired consistency and then spinach! I served it with toast :)

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