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Fitness, Food & Self Love



We can be so cruel to ourselves, but we don’t have to be! Working on your relationship with your body, introducing habits and rituals to help you unlearn toxic habits are just some of the ways we will work together to improve your body image while increasing self-awareness and gratitude for our incredible bodies.


aka our FUEL

We will work on increasing your knowledge on nutrition, developing a more positive mindset around food and understand that calories don't do something TO us, they do something FOR us.

We ain't about restrictions here. 



Become the STRONGEST version of yourself while feeling CONFIDENT in your workout environment! Home or gym, or both? I GOT YOU BESTIE - it’s all personalised to you💛


When I heard that Danielle was starting up coaching, I just knew she would be the right coach for me. Considering her background, from her own experience, to her knowledge of nutrition and exercise, I felt safe in her hands when I signed up. From day 1, she has brought me nothing but positivity into my life and strength into my body. She has helped me grow into a better version of myself and she is the reason I have not gone back in recovery. 

I was a beginner to working out and she has introduced me to this new part of my life so well and continues to help me in becoming more confident. 

I can't wait to see the growth in the future with her and to make her smile as much as she makes me smile.


Glute Growth
Glute gains!
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Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Weight Gain
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