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A simple easy dinner/lunch and you can customise it to suit you🥰

I like to use jasmine rice as it digests better and is nice and tasty!


Jasmine rice

Tinned lentils

Fajita (bbq) or taco seasoning

Vegan chicken/beef

1 red pepper



Optional vegan cheese

Juice of a lime

Oil for pan


Add oil to pan and heat, add optional chopped onion or skip this bit and just pop on the chopped red pepper alongside the vegan beef/chicken

Then add in lentils and mix through

Pop on the rice and allow it to boil, lower heat and cover for approx 8-10min

Add taco/fajita mix to veggie mix, add a splash of water to mix through if you need to

Once rice is cooked, drain and rinse with boiling water then leave covered to dry up a bit! Then mix in some optional chilli flakes and juice of half a lime!

Add a squeeze of lime to the veggie mix too as well as some sweetcorn!

Cut and mash avocado then serve up everything! For an extra boost of protein, serve with Myvegan Thai sweet chilli crisps! They are 11g protein and 100 cals☺️ (Discount on insta bio link)

Delicious! 💛

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